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Title: Upcycling For Sustainable Living with Unique Lighting Designs

Keywords: sustainable, Design, sustainability, upcycling, recycling


Upcycling is turning something that’s discarded and deemed useless into a beautiful item with greater use and value. Momsen Design knows how to turn the simplest CD into works of art that are both functional and beautiful. The company is the brainchild of lighting fixture designer and CEO Søren Momsen, who has been working with lighting fixture and lighting design for years. He has been able to merge his two great passions, sustainable living with zero waste and Art & Style. He has also been able to create and showcase his latest ideas that are sustainable, beautiful and decrease wastage of plastic as they are made into functional pieces that don’t end up in the dumpster or the ocean.


Momsen Design Mission and Vision

Aside from world domination, our mission is to help in the drive to clean up our planet. Plastic is a big problem in our environment, and aside from the toxins emitted by plastic waste, it takes more than 100 years to fully degrade. We see different plastics in our landfills and oceans, polluting both land and water with harmful toxins. Our objective is to upcycle plastic products starting with CDs, turning them into functional lighting fixtures; that can be used when telling people’s stories with their favorite or memorable music or movies. Our designs are created to add that unique vibe in every home that owners can be proud of. Our clients not only get unique items but also help in the drive to clean up our environment and planet.


How It All Started

Sustainable and unique creative ideas have always been our passion. Waste reduction is the mission and inspiration and upcycling plastic such as CDs to lighting fixtures is the way. Being in Copenhagen, we are front and center of an innovative and distinctively European modern style of fixtures and interiors that combine function and beauty.


Looking into recyclable products like hard discs and turning them into distinctive light fixtures paved the way to coming up with CDs instead because they are easier to process. Our founder’s background in lighting design made it possible to harness the lighting properties of CDs and turn them into something unique and useful at the same time. They possess reflective surfaces with ideal lighting properties which make them aesthetically pleasing. Harnessing light properties of plastic materials not only saves the environment but also helps with energy consumption. This means that, using these fixtures not only prevents land and water pollution but also saves on energy as well.



Our Products and Special Services

All our products are distinctive with different combinations of color, texture and a wide array of buttons for lighting effect. We offer many types of designs including “Back in Black”, “Protected Data” and “Your Text Here”. You can also purchase different colored, prism and reflective buttons to enhance the light and give a unique lighting effect. Create your own theme with movies and music themes, artists and colors. The possibilities of personalizing the light fixtures are endless.


“Black Album” uses black discs with transparent buttons to let the light come through. You can also choose colored buttons for a different ambient effect.


“Lacquered Album” can also use super glossy discs in red, yellow, green, blue and purple colors.


“Protected Data” uses the material of users, microwaved to make the fixture unreadable. It protects your privacy and keeps personal or company data secured.


“Your Text Here” is perfect for stores and offices. You can print your company logo or any personalized writings or images on them.


Furthermore there are endless possibilities, picking your favorite bands, TV series, movie or anything else made on discs is possible.


Extra buttons are available to give your fixture a personal touch that’s uniquely yours.


We let you become the designer so your own imagination soars and personalizes the fixture.


Go to our gallery and shopping page to see what’s available and choose the basic style that you want.

Søren Momsen, has over the years been working with lighting fixture design and lighting, he won several international design awards for his lighting fixtures.

Here he presents his latest idea, which is about sustainability and to try to stop the

waste of plastic by keeping some of the plastic in our homes, so it doesent

end up in the garbage dump or even worse in the ocean.