Søren got the idea of this lighting fixture because he wanted to contribute to the reduction of waste situation.


With his background as a designer and with the CD media, that has some unique lighting properties,he decided that he would help in waste reduction and at the same time ,make something unique.


The Company is situated in the heart of Copenhagen, together with a lot of design companies keeping up Danish design traditions.


Where design meets idea, we also offer a special service, where we can print anything at the discs for you.


That could be your own pictures, company logos, greetings, poems, songs etc, only the fantasy sets the boundaries here.

Søren Momsen, has over the years been working with lighting fixture design and lighting, he won several international design awards for his lighting fixtures.

Here he presents his latest idea, which is about sustainability and to try to stop the

waste of plastic by keeping some of the plastic in our homes, so it doesent

end up in the garbage dump or even worse in the ocean.